Meaghan Cross (Patch)

Brad Harris (Charles)

Brad Harris is pleased to return to the stage after far too long working behind and occasionally in front of cameras. He studied Theatre and Film at Sarah Lawrence college where he played such eclectic roles as Peter in Zoo Story, Dr. Larry in Closer, Alfie Byrne in A Man of No Importance, and Orestes in Orestes. In his less creative moments, Brad plays softball and founds tutoring companies ( Much thanks to the Bent Quill Players, and hope you enjoy the show!

Aviva Laufer (Miranda)

Aviva is an actor and singer from New York, who may or may not have graduated from Sarah Lawrence. It's hard to be sure, seeing as Wikipedia has failed to create a page dedicated to her. Poor show, internets, poor show. Sources claim that she studied theater there as well as at the Stella Adler Studio. If you ask her she'll likely tell you that it's all lies, and that she was a brilliant archeologist until she was kicked out of academia for her wild theories on the origins of the Pyramids. But if pressed she'll likely also admit that that's the plot of Stargate SG-1.

Chuk Obasi (Sir George Airy)

Chuk is honored and excited to work with the cast!  A New York native, he began performing at the age of 13 and went on to explore many fields of performing arts, including theatre, musical theatre, poetry, dance, music, film, and writing.  He is currently a member of the TE'A Project NYC (Company Director & actor), Mind The Art Entertainment (Director of the Dance Division), and the NiteStar program (Choreographer).  Chuk currently lives in Harlem, and indeed maintains an empire state of mind...

James Santos (Marplot)

James Santos was born and raised in Hawaii where received his undergraduate in voice from the University of Hawaii Manoa. He has performed in numerous productions back home, some of which were: Ugly, Honk, The Oahu Performing Arts Center; Tiny Tom, Urinetown, The Head Waiter, She Loves Me, and Man 1, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, Mano Valley Theatre; Astolfo, Life is a Dream, Lizard Loft; Albert, Bye, Bye, Birdie, Army Community Theatre; as well as several touring productions with Hawaii Opera Theatre. More recently he was seen as Titus, Raw Love, Theatre for the New City and as Everyone Else, The American Dream, Centerstage Theatre.

Nevan Scott (Sir Jealous Traffick)

Nevan has a strong appetite for performance which is not always well-fed. At Sarah Lawrence College, he studied acting, directing, dance, and puppetry. These days he mostly takes on web projects and hopes to someday be the first actor-typographer. He is thrilled to be involved with The Bent Quill Players.

Elspeth Shell-Moyer (Sir Francis Gripe)

Elspeth is from the West coast.  This is the second non-musical play she has been in.  Her special talents include singing Opera and assembling IKEA furniture.

Chet Siegel (Isabinda)